Information For Artists


Dear booking agencies, dear artists!


Please only apply via e-mail, if you like with a youtube link at:


Please first read the conditions, before sending your application. Only if these match, we can have a talk. This is due to the high amount of applications, we are receiving. If we like something, we get in contact with you. Thank you for understanding!


Our concept


Only artists, whose music or performance we personally like are playing at our venue, with our best efforts to have a great event.


We are open for different kinds of styles, but please don’t apply if you’re a cover-, best of- or tribute band. Also, we are not the biggest „Blues Fans“. We prefer small, acoustic formations, with own songs or programs, who usually do not (or not often) come to our region.


If you have a look at page „Rückblicke“ or „Programm“ you can see former artists, that played at LindenCult and may get a feeling for what kind music fits. Musical cabaret is also very welcome on our stage. In the end it is just our personal taste deciding. Since we are not working profit oriented and all our kind helpers are working voluntarily, we kindly ask you for your understanding for these selection criteria.


If we don’t give an artist or a band a chance to play at LindenCult, it is not to be taken as a judgment.


Informations about our conditions


We usually pass around the hat for donations and guarantee a minimum payment. We only take the money for GEMA and the German Artists Insurance.


For bands on tour or with a long journey we offer free accommodation and food until the breakfast the morning after in a family atmosphere.


Contracts are possible if arranged.




We have a great technician, who takes care of sound and lights with a big attention to the details. He tries to fulfill all technical wishes and often offers the multi track sound recording for take away after. The sound is always highly praised by musicians and the audience.